Tips for Lazy Buggers

by Reinder Dijkhuis

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Latest: Costume problems and a solution

Concerning the difficulty of drawing costumes.

Previously published in Cartoozine

Other new, web-enhanced Tips for Lazy Buggers:

  1. Bullshit makes the Web go 'round
  2. Use your computer! Use it!

Remastered old Tips for Lazy Buggers

  1. Dump Da Dialogue!.
  2. Recycling

Old Tips, at my old site, with bad scans embedded in a crude web interface, but still of some interest:

  1. Border omission and its consequences
  2. Great big gobs of black
  3. Perspective and how to avoid using it. Please note:this strip is split in three parts
  4. The dangers of brush use. split in two parts
  5. The why's and wherefore's of error correction.
  6. "Interesting" lay-outs
  7. Character design vol. 1 . Split in three parts
  8. Character design vol. 2
  9. The Mouthless Mouthpiece
  10. Monochromes with special thanks to Matt Madden for suggesting the topic
  11. Publishing
These old strips were not created for the Web, and it shows in the scan quality and lettering. One day, I'll re-scan, if I'm not too lazy...

More installments will follow.

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